Aasara’s pension scheme a boon to many

Hyderabad: The sanction of old-age pensions after the eligibility age was reduced to 57 came as a pleasant surprise to many recipients in the Old Town. Also, as the government approved more appeals in different categories, eligible beneficiaries of the schemes in the southern part of the city had turned out in large numbers, more than 30,000 pension cards were distributed.

The welfare scheme pays pensions to the elderly, widows, elephantiasis, AIDS, physically handicapped, beedi workers and single women. The Telangana government pays a monthly pension of Rs 3,016 for people with disabilities and Rs 2,016 for others. In addition, the monthly pension is also extended to dialysis patients.

After the sanction letters were issued to them without any problem. Most recipients said they applied for the pensions and did not make any rounds to government offices or lawmakers’ offices.

“I have been receiving a government pension for two years, I am grateful to the chief minister for the scheme. This pension helps me meet my daily expenses,” said Bahadurpura resident Shaik Kareem.

“I had applied for the pension from a MeeSeva and I received a call to inform me that the pension is sanctioned. I am grateful to the government for sanctioning the pension without any problem,” a beneficiary Jaya said after asking retrieved MP Malakpet’s sanction letter. . Likewise, thousands of beneficiaries were delighted to receive the scheme cards.

For the past few days, AIMIM legislators have been distributing the Aasara pension scheme cards to beneficiaries in Bahadurpura, Malakpet, Charminar, Yakutpura, Nampally and Karwan constituencies. In these six constituencies, more than 30,000 scheme cards were distributed to beneficiaries.

According to official figures, in Bahadurpura constituency, so far, 6,606 people have benefited from Aasara pension. Previously, the number of beneficiaries was low and after the reduction of the age limit to 57, more than 3,000 additional eligible beneficiaries have been added,” Bahadurpura Mandal office manager said.

Meanwhile, in Karwan earlier, the number of eligible applicants was 9,397 and now more than 6,478 beneficiaries have been added. On Thursday, a total of 15,926 Aasara pension cards were distributed, collectively in Shaikpet, Golconda and Asif Nagar mandals.

While at Charminar, a total of 4,801 program cards were distributed. A total of 1,000 cards were distributed in Malakpet and Yakutpura constituencies. In Yakutpura, AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi and Yakutpura MP Syed Ahmed Pasha Quadri handed out the cards. And, in Nampally, 500 cards were distributed, while distributing scheme cards among the people, Nampally MP Jaffar Hussain Meraj said, “Eligible people, who have not received Aasara pensions now for various reasons , will get them shortly.

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