Azerbaijan has more than doubled monthly presidential pension for martyred families (UPDATE)

Details added (first published at 11:56)

BAKU, Azerbaijan, June 11. The monthly presidential pension for martyred families in Azerbaijan has been increased from 220 (US$129.4) to 500 manats (US$294.13), Chairman of the National Social Welfare Fund Himalay Mamishov has said, Trend reports.

According to him, the monthly presidential pension for the war-disabled of the first group has been increased from 165 (70.59 dollars) to 400 manats (235.3 dollars), while the allowance for the care of the first group will be 80 manats. ($47.06). Welfare for the second group of disabled people increased from 143 ($84.12) to 350 manat ($205.8), while for the third group – from 110 ($64.7) to 300 manat ( $176.4).

“Benefits for war invalids increased from 101 ($59.4) to 220 manats ($129.4) for the first disability group, from 81 ($47.6) to 180 manats ($105.8 ) for the second group and from 73 ($42.9) to 120 manats ($70.59) for the third group,” Mamishov said.

He also noted that Azerbaijan’s average monthly pension growth is 70%.

The process of granting a monthly presidential pension to veterans is finally complete.

Thus, in the period following the second Karabakh war, 93,000 family members of martyrs and veterans received a total of 104,000 social benefits.

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