Brimbank’s carer support plan is open for community consultation

By Holly McGuinness

Community members are invited to provide feedback over a four-week period on Brimbank’s draft Caregiver Support Plan 2022-2025 (BCSP) as community consultation motion passed at council meeting of Tuesday evening.

The motion also includes the approval of a 12-month carer pilot center within the Keilor Downs community centre.

Councilor Maria Kerr, who is personally linked to the plan, said: “I am very pleased with this development and would urge Brimbank carers to get on board,

“Thank you for sharing your ideas, your suggestions, because we need your feedback. You know, we have to walk in your shoes, we have to know how you feel about things,” Cr Kerr said.

The plan has been developed in line with the Victorian Carer Strategy 2018-2022, which includes five key priorities; ensure that carers are healthy and well, supported at school, in study and work environments, that they can access support and services that meet their needs, that they they have less financial stress and that they are recognized, recognized and respected.

Cr Victoria Borg, who seconded the motion, said: ‘The Caregiver Support Plan reflects significant consultation with carers, including consultation with 96 participants, holding a workshop on the Action Plan for carers with 10 participants and extensive consultation with key stakeholders such as Department of Families Equity, and Housing, Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria, Carers of Victoria and Benchmarking with other councils »

The Council stated that BCSP aims to support the invaluable contribution of caregivers when providing unpaid care and support to family members and friends who have a disability, mental illness, chronic illness, terminal illness, an alcohol or drug problem, or who are frail. -aged within the community.

“So it’s really important that carers have access to that support and just be recognized and recognized and more importantly they deserve to be respected,” said Cr Kerr.

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