Cotswold District Council announce plan to transform Moreton station

Moreton station is set to be transformed into a transport hub for the North Cotswolds with a quarter of a million pound investment.

Cotswold District Council has agreed to pass on a developer contribution of £250,000 to Moreton City Council’s plans to refurbish Redesdale Hall and transform the station into an innovative transport hub, a project expected to cost around £3 million pounds in total.

Councilor Juliet Layton, a cabinet member responsible for managing development and licensing, called it a “historic investment” that comes after years of housing development that have changed the face of the city.

She added: “Many locals are fed up that these developments don’t have the right infrastructure to support people already living in the city and those moving here.

“Moreton station has the potential to become a key stop in the North Cotswolds.

“Combined with bus services, walking and cycling routes, there is an opportunity to create a sustainable transport hub to benefit the wider region.

Councilor Clive Webster, Ward Member of Moreton West, added: “This scheme should provide the additional parking and transport capacity to enable improvements to the high street which will boost local business and restore some of the heritage and of the city’s lost character.”

The funding came to the Cotswold District Council through a developer contribution as part of the construction of the Fire Service College.

To advance the City Council’s plans, funding is required to bring the project to the stage where there is a suitable design for the transport hub to seek and obtain planning approval.

This will be funded from a combination of City Council reserves, a proportion of the £250,000, Great Western Railway and other third party contributions.

Once the initial stages are complete, central government grants or other third-party funding will be sought to take the main works forward, which are estimated to cost around £3 million.

Redesdale Hall is in need of extensive refurbishment and the council plans to expand its capacity to meet the demands of the town’s growing population.

The scheme is already underway using the City Council’s reserves to fund design costs, while part of the Cotswold District Council’s funding will be used to fund the early stages of the scheme.

Councilor Layton added: “Redesdale Hall is an important part of Moreton’s street scene and holds a special place in the hearts of many locals.

“I’m glad we can offer a cash boost to help with its renovation and restoration.”

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