Good news! The retirement age and the amount of the pension will increase!

Plant employees may soon receive good news. Indeed, from now on the retirement age of employees and the amount of the pension will increase. Yes, and the government is considering it. According to information received recently, this proposal was forwarded to the government on behalf of the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Committee. Yes, and in this proposal there was talk of increasing the working age limit for people in the country. Not only that, the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Committee said that with the increase in the retirement age in the country, the universal pension system should also be introduced.

According to the report of the committee, under this suggestion, the employees should receive a pension of at least Rs 2000 per month. Yes, and let us also inform you that the Economic Advisory Committee has recommended better provisions for the security of the elderly in the country. Yes, the report also states that if the working age population is to increase, then it is absolutely necessary to increase the retirement age for this. This can be done to reduce pressure on the social security system.

Apart from this, the report also talks about the development of skills of people over 50 years old. The report says central and state governments should formulate policies that can lead to skills development. This effort should also involve the unorganized sector, those living in remote areas, refugees and migrants who cannot afford education, but need to be in the trend.

According to the World Population Prospectus 2019, by 2050 there will be about 32 million elderly people in India, which means that about 19.5% of the country’s population will move into the pensioner category. Yes, in 2019, around 10% of India’s population or 14 million people fall under the category of elderly.

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