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Pension plan contribution limits, tax breaks, and your annual and lifetime allowances can all affect how much you should contribute in retirement.

Hhow much can I contribute to my pension? is a question people often answer by calculating what they can afford after paying their bills and meeting other costs. However, to properly prepare for the financing of retirement, there are other considerations to take into account.

Knowing what retirement contribution limits apply to you, what your lifetime and annual retirement allowances are, and whether you are eligible for tax relief on your contributions are all factors that may cause you to rethink what you can afford and how you decide to save.

This article will explain all of these terms and help you understand how to calculate how much you can afford to contribute to your pension.

How much can I pay into my pension?

There are no limits on how much an individual can contribute to a pension (or pensions), but the tax treatment of contributions varies, which can affect your overall finances.

In practice, you can contribute as much as you want to your retirement each year. However, you will only get tax relief up to a maximum pension contribution value of £40,000 a year (or 100% of your salary, whichever is lower) or a monthly average of £3,333 . (Figures include tax relief and are correct for the 2021-22 tax year.)

If you exceed either of these figures, your contributions may not be eligible for tax relief and there may be other tax implications. It is important to know if these apply to you.

Pension Plan Contribution Limits

What is my annual allowance for pension savings?

Your annual retirement allowance is the maximum you are allowed to save towards all of your retirement plans in a single year and receive tax relief. It is set at 100% of your salary or £40,000 (whichever is lower) and is also known as the pension contribution limit.

The employer’s contributions will also be taken into account in your indemnities. Additional contributions are permitted but are not eligible for tax relief unless you were able to backdate previous years’ contributions (as explained below).

You can determine what you are entitled to using the government’s unused annual allowance calculator.

What is my lifetime allowance?

The lifetime allowance is a limit on non-taxable pension contributions for the duration of your life set by the government. It’s currently £1,073,100, but that may change in the future.

It is possible to protect your lifetime allowance from further reductions, but you will need to apply to protect your lifetime allowance through the government website.

Can I backdate pension contributions?

If you wish to contribute more than your annual allowance, it is possible to use unused tax relief up to three previous tax years. This can be particularly useful if you are self-employed, have irregular income or wish to pay a lump sum.

However, there are some limitations. For example, to get tax relief on contributions for a tax year, they cannot exceed your income for the current year. For example, if you earn £100,000 in income in a year, you can use your £40,000 of tax relief in that tax year, but only backdate up to £60,000 of tax relief from previous three years. If you plan to pay more than your income, it may be a good idea to spread it over several tax years.

How much should I pay into my retirement?

As a general rule, you should pay the maximum you can afford while meeting your living expenses. Investing in a pension (rather than an Isa, for example) means that your investments also have a longer period of time to make their investments than with other means of savings, so making smaller regular contributions can be a good idea rather than larger and infrequent contributions. .

It is worth considering what taking advantage of tax relief will mean for your investments. Taking money as income, rather than investing it in your pension, means you lose some of the money in income tax that you could have received as tax relief.

If you are not sure how much to contribute to your retirement, it is advisable to consult a professional.

Choose a retirement plan

Before you simply look to invest more, there are a few key things to check about your retirement plan to make sure it’s providing what you need.

As your personal circumstances change, it’s important that your retirement investments continue to match your attitude to risk. As your retirement capital grows and you approach retirement age, your views may change in light of your larger retirement capital and the time you have to make up for losses before you retire. retire.

You also want to make sure you’re not paying excessive fees that don’t add value to your pension. All retirement providers charge fees, but you want to look for one that has the most affordable fees so that more of your money can be invested.

It is also worth finding out about the extent of advice and guidance offered by your pension fund. A provider who can offer you personal professional support can be invaluable in explaining where your money is being invested and identifying the best plan for your retirement needs.

Start building your pension today

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