Increase in monthly Seniors Income Plan payments in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan is increasing monthly benefits for some seniors in the province.

In a news release Thursday, the provincial government said the maximum monthly benefit paid under the Seniors Income Plan (SIP) will increase by $30 per month. This is the second year in a row that there has been an increase.

“Our government is following through on its commitment to make life more affordable for Saskatchewan seniors,” Social Services Minister Gene Makowsky said in the release.

“This investment in the Seniors Income Plan will help seniors across the province participate in their communities while living more comfortably and safely.

The government said the maximum monthly SIP benefit will increase from $300 to $330 for single people and from $265 to $295 for each senior in a married two-retiree household for a total of $590 per month.

Seniors who have little or no income other than Old Age Security or Guaranteed Income Supplement payments are eligible for the program. Older people receive different levels of support depending on the amount of their pension, their taxable income or their lifestyle.

About 14,500 seniors in the province receive payments from SIP. The government has said it will increase payments again by a maximum of $30 per month in 2023-24.

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