Indore court closes case against BJP leader Kailash Vijayvargiya in alleged pension scam

Indore: A special court here has dismissed a case against BJP General Secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya in an alleged ‘pension scam’ at Indore Municipal Corporation after the Madhya Pradesh government did not give permission to prosecute him along with others for 17 years.

Complainant KK Mishra – Chairman of the Congress of Deputies Media Department – has now applied to the High Court to challenge the delay in granting the sanction.

Judge Mukesh Nath of a special court for cases against MPs and MPs on Monday ordered the prosecution of Vijayvargiya and others to be closed, citing the lack of sanction for the prosecution.

But the plaintiff can move the court again if the government has granted a sanction, the judge added.

The court complaint alleged that when Vijayvargiya was mayor of Indore from 2000 to 2005, the IMC paid pensions to the destitute, widows and disabled through co-operative institutes instead of national banks and state bureaus. position, as required by the rules.

Ineligible or dead people or even non-existent people got a pension resulting in a loss of Rs 33 crore to the government, he alleged.

“By not allowing prosecutions for 17 years, the state government has shown that it wants to save corrupt people,” Mishra told PTI on Friday.

His lawyer Vibhor Khandelwal said he filed a petition in the Indore Bench of the High Court of Madhya Pradesh against the non-granting of the sanction. —PTI

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