No one will remain without a pension, ration in State: CM

Chief Minister Hemant Soren said today that for the first time after the formation of the state, all eligible beneficiaries in Jharkhand are availed of Sarvajan Pension Yojana. The result of the abolition of the obligation to pay a pension to a limited number of beneficiaries in the past is that so far deserving state beneficiaries deprived of a pension are covered by the Sarvajan pension scheme set up by the government.

Attending a pension distribution and sensitization program held in Gumla on Wednesday as the main guest, the CM said the process of connecting all the old left behind, widows, destitute women, Divyangjan, primitive tribes and HIV/AIDS patients with the program is ongoing. . In this context, more than 7,79,142 beneficiaries have benefited from the current government’s scheme. They receive Rs 1000 honor money every month.

Soren said that before 2020 the destitute people in the state are talking about giving pension and ration in Jharkhand. After the formation of the current government, he asked the central government to make the pension of elderly, disabled, destitute women in the state universal. But, the central government gave no response even after a long wait. After that, the state government made a decision and a law was enacted to give everyone a pension. It is the first state in the country to do so. Anyone over the age of 60 will receive a pension. The government has abolished the age limit of 40 for the widow’s pension and 18 for invalids. So that everyone can benefit from retirement.

He said the government has also ensured that the pension should be received by the 5th of every month. Failure to do so will result in a penalty. In Jharkhand, all the needy will receive a pension. No one will be spared from this. The CM said that the topic related to social security is an important topic for Jharkhand. There are a large number of poor people, farmers and workers here. The people here spend their lives in hardship. Before 2019, we had to go to every nook and cranny of the state to learn about the plight and problems of the people in the state. The state government is now working in the same context, he added.

The CM indicated that an initiative is being taken to give recognition to the Palash brand nationally and internationally. For this reason, women become financially strong by embracing self-employment. Women who trade in alcohol are invited to come to the government. The government will cooperate with you to do a respectable job. Women who sell alcohol have been associated with a respectable livelihood. The government is ready to help.

He said that as part of the job creation program, the government provides loans for self-employment. Loans are given for all types of commercial work. All the officials should be vigilant and explain the program to the villagers and bring the employment generation program of the chief minister to the people of the state.

Soren said the government would cover the expenses of the children preparing for the competitions through CM Sarathi Yojana. Ramdayal Munda ji had said one thing that talking about people here is the song and walking is the dance. To bring this thing to life, the government will arrange to have a temple in each tribesman’s house. It’s being planned. This will further strengthen the preservation of culture.

The CM said the problems of all, including cooks, sahiyas working in the state would be resolved. Concern for everyone. Bottlenecks are being removed. Jharkhand will not be outdone. Everything here is for the public. The government will soon launch the recruitment process for more than 50,000 positions. More and more young people are taking part in the competition. The government has reduced the prescribed amount of applications to Rs 50, so that economically backward youths can also participate in the competition.

In Gumla, 41,630 from the state sponsored Chief Minister’s State Social Security Pension Scheme, 3,572 from the Chief Minister’s Adim Tribal Pension Scheme, 11,243 from the State Pension Scheme Chief Minister Mahila Samman, 79 Chief Minister State Security Scheme (HIV/AIDS) Swami Vivekananda Nishakt Swalamban Pension Scheme and Pension Scheme Pension benefits are paid to 4,597 beneficiaries.

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