Peak employment income reforms apply to disability pension

Following last week’s jobs and skills summit, the federal government announced changes to mobilize the so-called gray army in an effort to address labor shortages.

Under the changes, those receiving a retirement and veterans pension will receive a one-time income credit for earning an additional $4,000 in that fiscal year without losing their benefits.

People on the Disability Support Pension (DSP) will also be eligible under the reforms, said Skills and Training Minister Brendan O’Connor.

The $4,000 income increase without the annuity being taken would apply to the DSP, he said.

“We have an opportunity here to make sure people who have been on lockdown for years (and) that includes people with disabilities can get into the job market,” he told ABC Insiders on Sunday.

Australian of the Year, Dylan Alcott, said at last week’s summit that people with disabilities are ready to take up employment opportunities.

“There’s no reason people on the Disability Support Pension can’t go out and have a crack and do some work to try and help our economy grow,” he said. he said on Friday.

“People with disabilities deserve that same choice, to go out and be the people we want to be.”

AAP with the project.

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