Recipients of the city’s social pension start at age 60

THE 19th Davao City Council has changed the annual social pension for the elderly, from only 65 and over, the assistance will now also include those aged 60 and over.

Council adopted at third and final reading an ordinance amending ordinance no. 0105-19 granting annual assistance to all eligible seniors in the city.

Councilor Wilberto Al-ag, chairman of the social services committee and proponent of the ordinance, said the ordinance aims to support older people with the cost of their upkeep for medication and other health-related expenses.

“We have received verbal requests from seniors between the ages of 60 and 64 to include them in the recipient of annual senior financial assistance,” Al-ag said.

The ordinance states that all qualified seniors are entitled to financial assistance of 1,500 pesos per year.

Eligible beneficiaries must be at least 60 years old in the calendar year beginning in 2022.

They must hold an original seniors identification card issued by the city’s Office of Senior Citizens Affairs (OSCA).

In addition, they must be a registered Davao City voter as evidenced by the list of registered voters published by the Electoral Commission (Comelec), except for persons aged 75 and over who are not voters. registered, provided they have a certificate of residence of at least five years issued by the barangay where they reside.

Seniors with disabilities who are not registered to vote are also exempt from providing the Comelec requirement, provided they have a valid Person with Disability (PWD) ID.

Another exemption includes that they must be members of a seniors organization duly recognized by OSCA and the City Welfare and Development Office (CSWDO). Provided that no financial contribution is a requirement for their qualification to receive financial assistance under this order. In addition, in the case of an elderly person permanently bedridden due to illness who is not registered on the electoral lists, he must present a certificate from the CSWDO assigned in the barangay as to his condition.

The ordinance states that financial aid recipients will have 10 days to claim the Barangay benefit from the date of the distribution notice, after which time the unclaimed amount will be returned to the city treasurer.

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