Relatives of missing persons can receive a survivor’s pension – Ministry of Social Policy

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Family members of missing persons may receive a survivor’s pension. The Ministry of Social Policy explained how to proceed.

This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Social Policy.

As stated in the message, according to the National Police of Ukraine, since the start of large-scale Russia, 5,000 people have been considered missing. During this time, the police managed to find 2870 people. More than 2,000 others are wanted.

When is a person declared missing?

The legal status of a missing person is defined in the Law of Ukraine “On Legal Status of Missing Persons”.

Family members of such persons may submit to the territorial body of the National Police of Ukraine a request to search for a missing person. carry out. From the date of submission of this request, a missing person acquires the corresponding status.

A request to search for a missing person, with the exception of a relative of such a person, may be submitted by a representative of a military formation, a state authority, a local community, an association of citizens or any other person who has become aware of a missing person.

Submitting a request You can also contact the National Police hotline on 089 420 18 67 about a missing person.

When is a family member of a missing person entitled to a survivor’s pension?

Family members of such persons have the right to receive a pension one month after the date of entry of information about the missing person in the Unified Register of Preliminary Investigations.

Which family member of a missing person is entitled to a survivor’s pension?

  • Children of the missing person under the age of 18.
  • This person’s children, aged 18 to 23, who are in full-time education until they graduate.
  • The children of such a person who are orphans, up to 23 years old, regardless of the fact of education.
  • Husband or wife, parents of this person, if they are disabled or have reached retirement age.
  • Husband or wife, and in their absence – one of the parents or brother or sister, grandfather or grandmother of the breadwinner, regardless of their age and ability to work, if they do not work and do not do not take care of the breadwinner’s child until he reaches the age of 8 years.
  • The parents and husband or wife of a missing person who were not dependent on him or her are entitled to a survivor’s pension if they have lost their livelihood as a result of the disappearance.

What are the characteristics of the payment of a survivor’s pension to family members of missing persons?

The payment of a pension is made for the entire period during which the disappeared person retains this legal status.

Disabled parents who were dependent on the missing person are entitled to a survivor’s pension, regardless of the length of the missing person’s insurance period.

If a note is made in the Unified Register of Preliminary Investigations on the establishment of the location, burial place or location of the remains of a missing person, appropriate changes are made regarding the period of award of a pension, taking into account the circumstances.

If a person is missing, this does not deprive his relatives or other persons of the right to request the court to declare that person dead in the manner prescribed by law.

Where can I apply for a survivor’s pension?

To assign a survivor’s pension, you must apply in the prescribed manner to any branch of the Pension Fund or through the web portal of the Pension Fund of Ukraine.

Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of April 1, 2022 No. 377 “Some problems with payment of pensions in case of loss of a breadwinner during martial law”, it was established that for children aged 18 at age 23 who are full-time students in vocational, vocational and higher education institutions, a pension for the loss of a breadwinner is awarded and the payment of a previously awarded pension continues without providing a certificate of educational institution based on data of full-time education in 2022, received by the Pension Fund of Ukraine from the Unified State Electronic Database on Education.

According to the Ministry of Social Policy, more than 600,000 people receive a survivor’s pension.

Prepared by: Sergei Daga

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