The plan for 10 canal houses reviewed by Stone Town Council A small piece of stone

Stone’s former downtown bowling club base could make way for new homes, however, Stone councilors have raised concerns that too many properties are planned for the site.

Cube Homes have submitted an application to Stafford Borough Council to build ten houses on disused canalside land at Crown Street in the city. The land is between Crown Street Garage and the Joules Court retirement home complex.

The ten-unit plan consists of:

  • 6 three-bedroom houses
  • 2 two bedrooms
  • 2 three-bedroom apartments

To support the development, there would also be twenty planned parking spaces.

A design and access statement submitted as part of the application stated:

“The development will offer a mix of high quality, bespoke two and three bedroom homes, set in a highly sustainable location, and will make a valuable contribution to the local housing supply. The development proposes efficient use of brownfields, which will enhance the surrounding area and restore historic land use. »

The ground became vacant in 2008 with the move of the former bowling club to a new purpose-built facility on Uttoxeter Road.

Plan Bowling Green

As part of the application process, the applicant sent leaflets to homes within 500m of the property asking for feedback on the planned development. During the two-week consultation, one response was received, and it was in favor of development.

Overall, Stone Town Council members welcomed the prospect of the land being brought back into use, but felt that 10 houses would be too many for the 0.5 acre site. Councilors have requested that the number of homes on offer be reduced while discussing the request at their planning advisory committee meeting on Tuesday July 5.

Councilor Ken Argyle said:

“Anything that uses abandoned land should be applauded. It takes the burden off that new sites have had for the past 10 or 12 years.

“Something that creates additional housing in the city is a good step forward. I would like to see development on this site.

But Councilor Rob Kenney said:

“I think ten homes is too intensive. I would rather they reduced the number to eight.

“I think that’s the normal norm – they come in with a demand for more housing than they need or need. I would vote against the app as it is too intensive and would urge them to lower the numbers.

Councilor Jim Davies said:

“I am delighted to see that something is finally happening on a long-abandoned ground. The accommodation is good to see in the city.

“We agree with the proposal in principle but believe that it will be too intensive with ten dwellings. They should reduce it to eight.

You can find more details about the planning request by clicking on this link -> 22/35503/FUL | Demolition of existing structures and construction of ten dwellings, with access, landscaping and associated works | Grounds at the former Crown Street Bowling Club Stone Staffordshire

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