Writers Wanted – Pension Plan Puppets

So you want to write for PPP?

Okay, we’d love to hear from you, but first a few things to consider because the Leafs fandom is huge, probably the biggest fandom online in the NHL, and that means there’s all kinds of Leafs fans, and more than one blog that writes about the Leafs.

First: it’s a blog. The lines are now blurred between opinion journalism, factual reporting and fans having fun. We are mainly the third thing. We cover the Marlies in a way that involves someone attending games, sitting in the press box and reporting as they see fit. We’re not doing this for the Maple Leafs, and it’s unlikely we ever will – the Leafs were notoriously reluctant to have Athletic reporters cover them early on.

What we’re doing here is still an opinion, even if it seems really, really fact-based. The beauty of being a fan-site is that nobody can ask us for objectivity. It is not our role. Our role is to cheer for the team — critically, absolutely — but we don’t have to be nice to the Canadians while we’re doing it.

Second: PPP writers need to be here for their own reasons. The community, the fun of digging deeper into the team than most people take for granted, the ability to share opinions with other fans, and the ability to make Jets fans really mad at us. Some people who have written here have pursued writing careers and have used the exposure PPP brings to help them. However, this is not the primary function of the blog, but at the same time…

Third: you must really want to write. It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how often people love the idea of ​​PPP as a community, but find themselves intimidated by the blank page and blinking cursor. PPP has no professional editors, it’s largely a group project, but the kind of group project that needs self-starting.

Fourth: we are accused from time to time of being a hive mind. It’s true that people here lean in a certain direction when it comes to sports, analysis and the NHL’s place in the world. But we are not looking for carbon copies of ourselves. You don’t have to be very into analysis – several people here aren’t at all – but it’s probably fine if you know why more/less is a sin.

At PPP, not everything revolves around the written word. We host the Back to Excited podcast and may host another if it fills a different niche.

Not all writers need to be ready for 1,500-word features, either. We do daily chat links/messages, and in season we do game previews and recaps, we cover signings and breaking news, and draft day here is great fun and a group project – made a Bit boring this year with less choice.

Not all PPP articles are about the Leafs. We discuss the Marlies, the Growlers, the prospects in all their leagues and teams, the Canadian women’s team, the prospect team at the WJC or the Worlds, the Olympics.

Not all PPP writers live in Toronto. I don’t, and the internet means you can be a fan from anywhere.

It’s obvious that PPP is irreverent and also serious, fun and also fact-driven, and we don’t go into much performative anger. This branch of the fandom seems well served. But we want diversity in all ways in our writers and our community, which means new writers must respect the existing levels we have achieved so far for PPP to reflect the world of Leafs fans today. today and reflects the Toronto of today.

So if you want to write to PPP, let us know.

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